Wurinbeena Gunyah. a moveable artspace.
Detail from The Spirit Poles Detail: The Spirit Poles
Wood burning on red box
Lakes Entrance 2009
Photo: Catherine Larkins
Waterhole-Campfire stone mozaic Camp Fire 2011
Stone mozaic
Photo: Susan Purdy
Makin a bark canoe Common Ground Lakes Entrance 2007. Albert Mullett and Lennie Hayes making a bark canoe. Photo: Catherine Larkins

The Mission

Wurinbeena shares and celebrates the strength, richness and diversity of Aboriginal culture through the creation of Gunyah, a wandering arts venue and installation, designed for the contemporary presentation of Aboriginal arts and culture.


The Artistic Vision

Wurinbeena has a local imperative to ensure Aboriginal culture in East Gippsland is visible and positively represented, and a global aspiration to showcase Aboriginal arts and culture across Victoria, Australia and beyond.


A multi-purpose moveable art space, Gunyah is intricately designed, lightly straddling the earth of its chosen site.  A meeting place for song making, storytelling, exchanging knowledge and celebrating contemporary and traditional Aboriginal culture.

A mobile midden taking its form from the carapace of a sand crab. At night the glowing translucent shell asserts its story and invites us to gather inside where red-box paneling and kangaroo skins sit bang up against slick inflatable surfaces. A blackfella’s shelter asserting its story.


The Values

Respect for Aboriginal culture. Recognition of Aboriginal culture. Respect for and with each other. Respect for the Gunyah space. Working with community. Reconciliation. Healing. Responsibility. Honesty. Humour. Listening. The spirit as a driver. Working with other creative spirits. Incubating and unlocking the potential in our community’s young people and culture.